Outline of the consortium

Devices exploiting communication functions and those collaborating with smartphones; IoT (Internet of Things) and wearables, have started to be deployed and a wide variety of devices are expected to emerge in the future. In order for those devices to be an indispensable part of life for the users, expansion of convenience and connectivity both for services and devices is necessary. Through concrete and practical approaches including provisioning and operation of actual services, the consortium will discuss and examine how the new architecture should look like, taking into account expandability and general versatility needed for creating devices and device-collaborated services with global competitiveness.

Activities of the consortium


By sharing statues of standardization organizations and specification organizations, deepen the understanding of trends of IoT and wearables.


By setting up an environment where OMA GotAPI specification, an web interface between services and devices taking into account expandability and general versatility, can be used and through practical activities in the environment, discuss and examine how the new architecture should look like.


By sharing use cases among service providers and activity reports of developer events, clarify challenges for developing device-collaborated services. Further, by supporting web API specification of device functions based on the GotAPI specification, contribute to the development of convenience and connectivity.

Developers' information

Create: Open source project

This is the page for reference software of the GotAPI specification publicized in GitHub as open source software. A set of source codes, manuals, etc. is provided. Source codes of device plug-ins are also publicized.

Use: Smartphone applications

This is the official site in Japanese for the GotAPI specification-compliant smartphone application ‘Device WebAPI Manager’ provided by GClue Inc. The site provides documents concerning ‘Device WebAPI Manager’ and you can also experience demos.


Any organization, such as corporation, which agrees to the objectives of activities and rules of the consortium and any individual who belongs to educational or research organizations related to the area can join the consortium. There is no enrollment fee, annual membership fee, or the like.