Membership application

Any organization, such as corporation, which agrees to the objectives and activities of the consortium and its rules and any individual who belongs to educational or research organizations related to the area can join the consortium. There is no enrollment fee, annual membership fee, or the like.

To join the consortium, please agree to the rules, fill out the application form and send it to by e-mail. The rules and the application form can be downloaded from the following links.

Upon receiving the application form, the board of directors will examine it. The examination will take several business days to reach judgement. As soon as the examination is completed, the result will be notified to the applicant. Please note that as a part of the examination, we will look at the contents of your business written in the application form and web page and check whether your business is related to the activity area of the consortium.


  • Rules for Device WebAPI Consortium [PDF]

    This is the English translation of the original Japanese terms and conditions. If there is any discrepancy between the Japanese version and this English version, the official Japanese version shall prevail.

  • Application Form for Device WebAPI Consortium [Word] [PDF]

    This application form is provided for organizations which have staffs who speak Japanese and live in Japan. Note that meetings are held in Japan (Tokyo) and we discuss in Japanese.